Links to Fellow Patriots, must see videos & trusted news sources
NumbersUSA is a great website
for those concerned with illegal
immigration and securing our borders.
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to your representatives.
85,251,887 in the USA Support The Tea Party Movement
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watch a great video on

Declaration of Independence
As we all know. the main stream
media refuses to report all the news
or any news that is not favorable to
Obama. Below are some sources
where you will see the stories not
reported and commentary you can
Tell the Media to start
telling the truth.
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Learn What This Movement is All About
Morehouse goes deep into the movement, interviewing
hundreds of the Grassroots leaders, (group organizers), their
stories, honest, compelling stories from ordinary citizens who
‘woke up’, tells the real story of this movement.

The author also uncovers astounding similarities between
today’s movement and that of the 1770s. A must read!

Tea Party The Awakening

A warning from the past..........