Lincoln day address 2010 “Wake up call for Americans!”

This speech is based largely on my own bias towards authority and government and a looking at
the facts that world history presents to us.
I want to present these views, so we may consider the consequences of our laisser-faire (non-
interference) attitudes towards our government.

I am an emigrant from The Netherlands, became a citizen in 2007.
The Netherlands is a kingdom with a democratic elected leadership, but in actuality a socialist
country (art 20 constitution), her backbone broken by unlimited welfare benefits, very liberal
immigration laws (especially from Muslim countries which accounts now for about 6% of the
population, or about 1 million people (2007 data)), a disastrous decline in moral values, and
presently being sold out by her elected officials to the European Union.

The results: the original ‘Dutchman’ is virtually gone, the Netherlands is loosing its identity. It is now
becoming more or less a province in the European Union. When someone with common sense
objects, the media does its well known character assassination program.
No distinct fear yet, because most people don’t even realize what is going on.
The laws that have been passed the last 10-15 years were unthinkable earlier, because there were
too many people alive who lived through and remembered WW2.
Example: Mandatory ID for anyone over 14 and in many places the police can stop you without
Huge income taxes and 19% value added tax on most items and labor, are supporting the welfare
state. And year after year there appears to be a budget shortfall.

* In 1979 I visited communist Hungary when the iron curtain was still up. The incredible fear!
Anybody could be a snitch or informer. And when they picked you up, that could well be the last time
anybody saw you.

* When on vacation in the Netherlands, we visited a WW2 museum, an old concentration camp
were the famous Anna Frank was imprisoned until she was transported to her death camp. Even
with the nicest weather, you will become chilled to the bone from the depressing energies still
present there. I recommend you watch ‘Schindler’s List’.

* Hungary was under a socialistic/communistic government, Germany under a fascist government.
For the people it did not make any difference. Absolute government control; the government
determined what you could think, say and do, and without their consent you committed a crime.

* Now why would I mention these stories. I have been in the USA since 1988 and I am seeing with
my own eyes the demise of this country. The loss of personal liberty and the loss of US sovereignty
through the passing of unconstitutional laws, the adoption of international treaties or even by fiat
with executive orders. Most often with the excuse to make us safer, to increase security or to
protect our children. And realize too, that it happened under both democratic and republican
leadership. This could only be possible because of apathy by the citizens, and the conviction that
“This can never happen in my country”. And of course the disregard by the elected officials for the

To become a citizen I had to vow to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and
domestic and in my opinion, we have greater enemies in Washington DC than in Iraq or Afghanistan

So I am taking Edmund Burke’s advice to heart:
‘No one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little’.
He is more famous for saying:
‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’

* Do not be confused by the double talk of our administration and many of our congressmen on both
sides of the aisle. We are heading towards a world totalitarian government under the all seeing-eye
of the UN. Our future as a sovereign nation is at stake! Our God-given personal liberties, fought for
by the founding fathers are on the brink of extinction. This great nation that our founding fathers
started by sacrificing everything, is at the point of collapse.
I would like to get some sort of discussion going as to what ‘we the people’ want our elected
officials to do and especially what we expect from the republican party and leadership, so we get
back to our constitutional government.

1.        First some history. After several grievances reports (in 1765 and again in 1774) to King
George and the British Parliament, answered by these with even more brutality towards the
colonies, Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. (Not Interdependence, what is
preached from the government councils nowadays) This of course was a declaration of war. Even
during the revolutionary war, attempts were made by the states to form a stronger union. The
articles of confederation (some sort of not binding constitution) were ratified in 1781. The war
ended in 1783 with the colonies being independent states. The articles of confederation were not
enough to unite the states. A constitutional convention was opened in 1787 and a binding
constitution ratified by most states in 1788. There were however two very opposing views on this
attempt to unite these states in a unified organism. There were the federalists, who supported a
strong central government and the anti-federalists, who opposed this. The anti-federalists feared
that the same thing would happen that gave cause for the revolutionary war in the first place. They
feared the loss of state rights and an out of control federal government. The federalists and anti-
federalists came to a compromise and adopted the idea of a 3 tier government with so called
‘checks and balances’, and a bill of rights was added. So ultimately a constitution was written with
the idea in mind to limit the power of a central government to these powers specified in the
constitution, all others delegated to the states and the individual.

2.        What makes the USA so unique? What makes us Americans? What made us the envy of the
world? What made this nation the greatest nation on the earth? What makes us to have to build
fences to keep people out?  It is our way of life, possible because of our unique constitution! The
constitution, a divinely inspired document, allows us to use our God given talents and powers
without government interference! All have equal rights! This had never happened before in known
history. People could become what they wanted to be and didn’t need to ask a ruler or the
government for permission. So the federalists were right in asserting that the states would be better
served with a constitution.  But the constitution is being abused, disregarded and in danger of
disappearing! It is under constant attack and has been under attack for many years now by both
major parties. I say it again: The constitution was written with the idea in mind to limit the power of a
central government to these powers written in the constitution, all others delegated to the states and
the individual. There are NO provisions, giving congress the power to control or spend money on
education, healthcare, job creation, foreign aid, food production and distribution, the re-introduction
of wolves or for that matter snails, to protect a spotted owl, bailing out businesses, taking over
banks, handing out favors to constituents, etc.

3.        Government control. A modern libertarian thinker Sy Leon wrote: “The amount of government
control will always increase to the level of toleration of the people. An extremely tolerant populace
will suffer a dictatorship. A moderately tolerant people will condone a democracy. An intolerant
society will be free! The question is not whether the system works, but whether we like the way it
works! Just because something works does not make it right or desirable. Concentration camps
work, if your purpose is to enslave people. Stealing works, if all you care about is money. Lying
works if you don’t give a damn about your personal integrity.”

4.        Our basic rights are endangered --- instead of protected, encouraged, and nourished by the
government. Jefferson wrote: “Governments are instituted among men to protect our inalienable
rights.” Instead they are threatened/ endangered and legislated away by the same people we
elected to represent us and who should protect these rights. (When it had not been for a written ‘Bill
of Rights’, which fortunately was added to the constitution, the USA would have ceased to exist
many years ago)

a.        Right to Life: legislated away, endorsed by the Supreme Court. When we as electorate
condone abortion we allow the right to life to be taken away from the aborted soul. Whether we are
the creators through intercourse, or God is the Creator by endowing it with the life giving spark, it
does not matter. The moment, that a life is created, it has the right to life according to the
Declaration of Independence (which is the basis of our own freedoms, the basis of the constitution
and the basis of our republican government). When we don’t belief in these words, than we don’t
belief in our own constitution, our own republic, our own United States! When we as (prospective)
moms and dads and stewards of this nation do not protect the right to life of our own children, in our
own family, how can we expect from God as our Father, that he will help protect that right to life and
liberty for us.

b.        Liberty: we need government approval for most anything we do anymore. We have to pay
property taxes, so in essence the government owns our homes, our lands, our cars, our businesses
we use to earn a living with, estate taxes. We are denied entrance to land owned by ‘We the
People’ unless we pay a fee to a bureaucracy created by the same people we elected to protect
our rights. We are not free in our own house anymore. When the Government assumes that you
maybe a criminal, they kick in your door. In many cases we are now guilty unless proven innocent.
Did the people in Waco get a trial, Ruby Ridge? Try boarding a plane. Try entering a government
building. In the big cities board a train. ‘Safety’ checks on the roads by the sheriff, police, and
highway patrol. Stopping people and searching them to protect us from ourselves. This is King
George all over again. This is what the anti-federalists feared would happen.

c.        Pursuit of Happiness: only with a government license! We can’t serve our fellow man
anymore without a license to do so: starting a business, plumbing, building, doctoring, accounting,
selling and serving food, even at events with concessions, and I can go on and on. Why? Of course
for our own safety, or maybe to control people. The only thing you don’t need a license for is when
you want to run for office, even though these people are proven more dangerous than all the fore-

d.        Free speech. Don’t say anything about people with an ‘alternative’ life style or mention the
word God in a school. Hate speech. Pretty soon it will include saying anything against your

e.        Guns. What can be clearer than: “The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”
Look up the many unconstitutional gun laws. A direct attack on the second amendment is nowadays
political suicide in many states, so as a government you need to be innovative. You invent more
“common sense” laws to make criminals out of people to get to their guns. Or you do it through
international treaties! George Washington’s own words (1-7-1790): ‘Firearms stand next in
importance to the Constitution itself!... ‘The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere
restrains evil interference--they deserve a place of honor with all that is good.’

5.        When you vote in an election, you delegate your authority. You do not however relinquish it!
The person you voted for vowed, often with the hand on the bible to uphold and defend the
constitution, to protect your inalienable rights. When you give someone your vote, so they can act on
your behalf (as though they were you), does that mean that they suddenly have more power than
you? That they now can use that power to pass laws to control you? What if you discovered that they
simply threw the bible and the constitution out? What if you discovered that your house servant stole
your money and bankrupted you? Would you fire him, or would you let him give himself a pay raise?
However we let congress get away with this kind of practice all the time. There is no accountability
and when these people retire, they can do that in luxury.

6.        Executive orders. According to the constitution, only congress can make laws. Not the
president. So, executive orders cannot be laws! The constitution prevents the president from
becoming an emperor, he must have approval from congress for all actions taken, even declaring
WAR! Executive orders should merely act as an administrative rule to give someone a medal.

7.        Treaties: Apparently we are of the opinion that international treaties ratified by the senate
and signed by the president become the supreme law of the land. I strongly disagree with this
assertion. Our senators and congress men and the president swear an oath to defend the
constitution.  The constitution is the supreme law of the land. When they sign of on a treaty that is
unconstitutional, than they have broken their oath to defend the constitution and thereby break the
contract with the people they represent! So the treaty is null and void!

8.        Individualism versus collectivism.  The bill of rights is a collection of inalienable,
individual/God given rights. Not some kind of collective right given by the government to the people.
The right to life means that there is also a right to defend that life. The right to bear arms is as
individual as the right to free speech. What does collective mean? At what point does a right
become a collective right? When two or more people decide to exercise that right at the same
time? Or when our elected officials decide it is for them, but not for someone else? Do our elected
officials have more rights, than the persons that elected them, so the right is valid for them but not
for the individual who elected him? Can an elected official have a bodyguard because he is of more
importance, but the person that elected him cannot have a bodyguard because his life is not as
valuable? So what is more important: the bricks or the building that is built by the bricks?! Consider
how important one individual vote can be in an election to determine who is in control!

9.        Experiences from behind the iron curtain and from detention and concentration camps show
the suffering from people under extremes of socialism and fascism. When ‘We the People” allow
the blatant disregard for the constitution by our elected officials to continue, we are setting
ourselves up for similar experiences in this country in the future. You cannot trust your neighbor, your
brother or sister, your father or mother. You don’t know who will snitch for a piece of bread or some
money or even “patriotism.” The incredible fear to be detained by your own government for arbitrary
crimes. It is like the inquisition. Torture until confession, regardless. Guilty until proven innocent, you
have only those rights as determined by ‘law’. The laws made by the rulers to control the ‘subjects.’
When you visit one of these camps, now made into museums, you still can feel the fear. I suggest
you live for a while in Saudi-Arabia or North-Korea or China to give a few examples, to get to know
the feeling. Our constitution prevents the government from spying on citizens unless permission is
granted by a court of law for just cause. It prevents eliminating habeas corpus, secret tribunals or
secret prisons, detaining people indefinitely and without reason. (but what about the patriot act,
military commission act).

10.        What was feared by the anti-federalists is coming to pass. A central government that is out
of control. The ultimate take over of your person, your body, your assets with the new so-called
‘healthcare’ legislation. We have the inalienable right to own our own person, to live our lives the
way we see fit! Our person is our property and responsibility, not the governments!

When we fear our government, than the master fears the servant and we created a Frankenstein.
This needs to stop!

People, you have to realize: After America there is no place to go!

What do we do about it? What do we want from our elected officials? Do we want to compromise
more of our freedoms? The few we have left?
The most important things for me at federal level are:

        Limited constitutional government
        Restore the right to life, stop abortion
        Get out of the UN
        Secure our borders and enforce emigration laws
        Get rid of the ‘federal reserve’, back to the gold standard
        Get out of the Middle East and other foreign wars
        Restore the right to liberty and private property
        Stop NAFTA and treaties undermining our sovereignty and bring back our industries
        Stop gun control
        Eliminate income taxes
        Energy independence
        End federal welfare
        Laws passed on to the American people, do equally apply to members of congress.
        Get out of peoples business (x7)

At state level:

•        Invoke the tenth amendment, Montana is a sovereign state.
•        Bills will not be longer than 2 to 3 pages and clear for the common man to understand
•        For every bill passed, two ‘old’ laws will go.
•        Stop welfare.
•        Get out of people’s business, eliminate licensing
•        Energy independence

To finish this speech I would like to see qualified people running for office, who have read, studied
and know the constitution and its history, and who are willing to sign a contract with the people they
represent. Breach of contract means out of office!

I will close with a statement from Thomas Paine:

"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government."
Thomas Paine

Adrie Min,  Ryegate, MT