The Wheatland County (MT) Tea Party is a group of like-minded individuals who believe that
American citizens are better served by governments (local, state and federal) that are limited in
scope and size, fiscally responsible, and responsive to the collective will of the people.

We believe in the power of free enterprise, the benefits of individual freedoms and
responsibility, and the integrity of the constitution of the United States and
we believe cleaning
up corruption starts at home from the smallest community to the largest city.

As individual members of this group, our mission is to educate ourselves about the
implications of legal and operational decisions made by our elected and appointed government
officials, and to take action to ensure that these decisions are made in the best interests of the
citizens as defined above.


The Wheatland County (MT) Tea Party organized in response to the rapid growth in the size,
reach and cost of government which has resulted in spiraling deficits and debt. We believe the
success of our nation is the product of free enterprise, individual rights and freedoms, and
personal responsibility, and this accelerating growth in government is a threat to the economic
and personal security of ourselves and future generations.

Our response is to educate ourselves and then share our knowledge with others so that we
elect officials who will actively work to stop this unsustainable growth and restore our
government to a model that follows the principles of the Constitution.